How Does it Work?

State of the Art

The New Canvas utilizes the cutting-edge technology of the Quanta DNA Q+C+T.

This modern work of engineering art offers a proprietary square beam that greatly reduces the occurrence of laser overlap or “heat stacking” that is commonly found with round beams that are causing severe blistering and scarring. This advancement in technology equals a shorter healing time, fewer treatments and a cost savings for you!

The Q-Plus also offers multiple wavelengths that target specific colors of ink, reaching deeper into the skin with the capability of treating virtually any color of ink.

Once the proper wavelength is selected, the laser beam essentially blasts the color molecules into smaller pieces that are disposed of by your lymphatic system. Each treatment blasts the color molecules into smaller and smaller pieces until there is no ink left, leaving you with a new canvas.

Skin-Cooling Technology

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as painless laser tattoo removal, but we promise to make this process as comfortable as possible. For your comfort we utilize a unique cooling system that is intended to minimize pain and thermal injury during laser treatments, as well as a medicated topical lidocaine. Believe it or not, most people tell us it wasn’t as bad as they expected.

So what should you expect when you visit The New Canvas to get a laser tattoo removal treatment? Click next to find out…

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