Why Laser Tattoo Removal?

The New Canvas

Colorado Springs Laser Tattoo Removal

We work with a variety of clients seeking our services for many different reasons. Our well versed background gives us the knowledge required to mold each treatment plan to meet your individual needs.

Examples of our customized treatment plans include:

  • » Meeting new military requirements for tattoo removal.
  • » Working hand-in-hand with tattoo artists to customize removal or lightening plans for cover-up work.
  • » Dealing with highly private information to remove evidence of former gang affiliation.
  • » Working with the time constraints of removal for employment opportunities.
  • » Handling the desire for removal due to a change in relationship status, change in taste or dissatisfaction with bad artwork.
  • » Re-treatment of skin that has been previously treated by another laser clinic that couldn’t deliver the desired results.

What’s your reason?

Whatever your reason is, The New Canvas will customize a treatment plan specific to your needs and help you make an informed decision about removal.

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