R20 Accelerated Removal


(Accelerated Removal)

Need to get a tattoo removed in a jiffy? R20 may be the answer.

Traditional laser tattoo removal treatments require one pass of the laser over the area being treated. With R20, the area is treated 4 times in one sitting, removing up to 60% of ink in one session.

After each pass of the laser, a white or cream colored “frosting” is produced as tiny gas bubbles containing nitrogen are released. Once the frosting dissipates (typically within 10-20 minutes), the process will be repeated for a total of 4 passes. It may sound intense, but with the utilization of our cryo cooling system before and during the treatment, no one has tapped out.

Though results vary, we typically see at least 60% ink dissipation after just one R20. A 6-8 week waiting period is required for the skin to heal and the lymphatic system to remove the ink molecules. Your technician will then advise whether another R20, or a traditional treatment is recommended.

Due to the aggressive nature of the R20, the risk of adverse reactions is significantly increased. This procedure should only be performed by an experienced technician after a thorough consultation to determine eligibility.

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