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Laser Teeth Whitening in Colorado Springs

The New Canvas Laser Teeth Whitening
In three easy steps and for far less than you would pay at the dentist, you can experience lightening up to 14 shades. With the proprietary formulation of our product combined with the deep penetrating power of our lasers, we are clinically proven to be able to lift staining caused by fluoride and tetracycline among other common staining culprits like coffee, red wine and smoking.

Guaranteed Instant Results

Natural, Plant and Mineral Based


Enamel Building Qualities

Safe and Comfortable

Easily Maintained

Our gel is manufactured in the USA using only the highest quality organic, plant and mineral based ingredients. The active ingredient is a food grade hydrogen peroxide and contains three key minerals to stabilize and strengthen the enamel. Our product has been proven to whiten as well or better than other dental whiteners, but without the level of sensitivity and side effects that other whiteners are known to deliver.

Easy 3 Step Process

  • We apply whitening gel to teeth while you relax in a massage chair in our spa room
  • LED Laser Light is positioned to the mouth to accelerate whitening
  • Rinse and see your results

This process can be repeated up to 3 times in one sitting and the cost is only $59.00 per session!  Experience 2-5 shades brighter teeth in just ONE session

Come see how amazing laser teeth whitening at The New Canvas will make you feel!

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