Advanced Skin Care

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We’re all the same on the inside, but certainly not the outside. We all have individual skin eccentricities, so our Co-Owner and Medical Aesthetician Betina Hawk has developed a variety of functional Medical & Holistic skin care treatments that focus on anti-ageing, corrective, and preventative maintenance. After a consultation, Betina will customize a game plan for your own individual needs. Choose from an a la carte menu, or create a package plan at a discounted rate of 10% for a 3-treatment experience!

Fire & Ice Laser Facial

Fire & Ice Laser Facial - $259

Includes a mild exfoliating treatment and a cooling and soothing treatment. This super popular treatment is safe on all skin types!

Microneedling with Stem Cell Infusion

Microneedling with stem cell infusion $249 or 3 for $699

Add on neck & décolleté for $45. Comes with a bespoke exfoliating treatment, topical numbing treatment and high frequency infusion of human or plant stem cells to decrease inflammation and amp up collagen synthesis.

Sun Spot Removal

Sun Spot Removal Starting at $120

Up to 10 spots +$5 each additional spot


Custom Facial - $150.00

A bespoke treatment according to your skin-type. Includes an exfoliating treatment with either Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning or chemical exfoliant + mask + LED or High Frequency Therapy + massage.

Nano Infusion/Microchanneling - $199.00

Comes with a mild exfoliation to remove dead surface cells & stem cell infusion.

BB Glow - $250.00 or 3 for $699.00

Semi-permanent foundation using custom blended pigment inserted just under the epidermis for an even, beautiful glow. Great treatment for melasma and acne scarring!

Korean Spicule Peel - $175.00

New to spicules? Well let us just say "you're welcome!" Spicules in Korean Skin Care are comprised of either hydrollized sea sponge or crystallized hyalironic acid spears to act as a vehicle to deliver the active products into the dermis- the deeper and harder to reach layers of skin. & Can treat virtual any skin condition.

GuaSha - $150.00

An invigorating Vietnamese derived treatment that comes with at-home instruction and jade tool so you continue the practice at home. Comes with an exfoliating treatment and a one-of-a-kind experience.

LED Light therapy - $20.00

Add on to almost any other service.