Permanent Makeup in Colorado Springs

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Why choose The New Canvas for permanent makeup?

Together we will design the perfect brows or enhancement for your specific features and lifestyle. Our permanent makeup artist has a natural and soft style for enhancing your intrinsic beauty. Get a low-maintenance and long-lasting look!

A free permanent makeup consultation is required prior to the service for corrective work or if going over another artists work. For other situations, we can perform the consultation the same day as the procedure.

Permanent Makeup Pricing

Please note: Touch ups from other artists will require a consultation to determine pricing.

Eyebrow Permanent Makeup

  • Microblading- $399
  • Shading or Powder Brows – $449
  • Combo Brows (Combination of Microblading & Shading) – $469
  • Corrective Work – +$100 (Removal or fading may be necessary to achieve ideal results)
  • Perfecting Visit at 6-10 weeks after – $75
  • Maintenance Touch Up – $150-$299 (depending on pigment retention)
  • Color refresh – $150
  • Reshape and color refresh – $299-$399
  • Add shading during touch up – $75+

Lip Permanent Makeup

  • Lip Blush – $499
  • Full Lip Color – $599
  • Lip Color Enhancement – $499
  • Perfecting Visit at 6-10 weeks after – $100
  • Adding Pigment – $100+
  • Maintenance Touch Up – $250

Permanent Makeup Before and After

Information! We also do permanent makeup removal!

If you’ve had previous permanent makeup work done and it is uneven, faded or has turned a funky color, we can help! We offer Laser, Non-Laser and Emergency Removal options to help you remove old, new, botched, or simply unwanted permanent makeup. Removal prices range from $125 to $199 per treatment and typically require multiple sessions to achieve optimum results. A consultation will be required to determine the best option for your individual needs.

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About Our Permanent Makeup Artist

Betina Hawk is a co-owner of The New Canvas, and a Colorado Springs native.

She received her cosmetology license in 2006. She has spent thousands of hours on advanced training with top specialists from the U.S. to Poland and to Brazil; so she will provide world-class results.

She specializes in permanent makeup, permanent makeup corrections, tattoo removal, scar revision, camouflage tattooing, cosmetic injectables, laser aesthetics, advanced skin care, K-beauty, and anti-aging treatments.