Permanent Makeup

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Save yourself money and priceless time by waking up with makeup! Our Owner/Permanent Makeup Artist Betina Hawk is a Medical Aesthetician and Laser Technician with a thorough attention for detail and a reputation for being the best at what she does. Through meticulous brow mapping and a combination of techniques tailored to your individual features, she can give you the soft-subtle or ferociously-fierce look you desire.


  • Microblading
    • $499
  • Ombre and Shading
    • $499
  • Combo Brows
    • $549
  • Lip Color Enhancement
    • $399
  • Eyelash Enhancement
    • Top $199
    • Bottom $150
    • Both $325
  • Eyeliner
    • Top $249
    • Bottom $199
    • Both $399
  • Corrective Work +$100
    • Removal or fading may be necessary
  • Touch Up
    • 5 week touch up included
    • 6 -10 weeks $75
    • 11 weeks - 1 year $175
    • 1 year - 18 months $275
      • Touch ups more than 18 months will be determined based on pigment retention of our previous work only. Touch ups from other artists are considered corrective work and will require a consultation to determine pricing.


If you’ve had previous permanent makeup work done and it is uneven, faded or has turned a funky color, we can help! We offer Laser and Li-FT Removal options to help you achieve brows you’ll be proud of. Removal services range from $99 to $199 per treatment and typically require multiple sessions to achieve optimum results. A consultation will be required to determine the best option for your individual needs.


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